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This story was told by my army friend. Names has been change to protect identity.

I just came back on a business trip from japan abroad the SQ Business Class Flight. Being the first to board the plane, escorted and directed to my seat by the business class crew. Settled down and soon after the plane take off and head to the direction home. I remembered clearly that didnt slept a wink on the flight, busy with my work on my laptop. After an hour or two on my laptop, I placed my laptop aside. Raising from the seat popping my head out and up along the aisle discovering the atmosphere seems to be quiet. Slowly, I stood up on my feet and walked to the toilet to have a leak. After a while in the toilet, I got out of the toilet and I saw a crew standing a few distance away welcoming the sight of me.
Me: oh hi.
Crew: Hi Sir, how may I help?
Me: ermm, I kinda hungry. Do you mind preparing my meal?
Crew: Sure. Thank you Sir.
Me: Welcome

after the short conversation, I can hear the slight raise in noise of my food being prepared in the business class gallery. Walking towards my cubicle, I look around with my pry eyes, noticing that there wasn’t really many people in the business class except for an old man travelling alone. I sat back my place and look out of the window.
A Stewardess crew passed and I turned my head to the direction, admiring the firm butt of the SIA Singapore girl. I felt the rush to release the build-up sexual urge. My little brother started to get awake and it’s growing in size on every seconds ticking away.

A while later, the crew came alongside my cubicle and set the area for my meal. Introducing and casual conversing with me while I pay my attention to them. However, I was really eye raping them. Staring at the body figure covered with the national dress Sarong Kebaya. Scanning around for any slip chance upon their cleavage or their dress split as they walk. Lucky, the crew happened to pour me a drink and squatted down discreetly beside my meal and she place it on my makeshift table. I chance upon looking down at her kerbaya, the size of a natural boob roughly about 32B, firmly padded with a push up bra to make it look busty. As I continue to look down at the firm boobs with a small reveal of the cleavage. The thoughts of me cumming inside the cleavage blasted my mind. Within split seconds, I shook my mind around and I discreetly look at somewhere else.

Crew: Please enjoy your meal.
Me: ohh, wait. Are you busy ?
Crew: oh, may I help?
Me: no, I just want you to sit with me while I eat.
Crew: oh, Sir, I Apologise.
Me: don’t apologise, just sit here la.
The crew listened and moved herself to find a comfortable sitting spot. She sat down with eased. Her butt landed on the sidebar on my cubicle while she faced me. She discreetly crossed her legs to protect her modesty of exposing her dress slit.
Crew: Sir, hows your flight?
Me: yea. So far so good. Comfortable.
Crew: That’s great.
Me: haha. Its alright. You just relax alright? I know this is a long flight and you need be on standby taking out request.
Crew: yea. This is my job right? Hahas
Me: its alright. You can rest since its already late at night and the old man there is already sleeping.
Crew: haha, you are so thoughtful. Are you a steward before?
Me: nope, my sibling is an air stewardess, same airline as you.
Crew: oh, that why you understand how we felt on every flight. Hahahas

As we converse, I noticed the crew got comfortable as she sat down and enjoy the soft conversation in the dimly lit business class. Then as we talked along, I really felt very comfortable and interested in this air stewardess. I observe that she getting relax as she started to remove her hair net / clip. She let down her bun up hair, releasing a wave of shoulder length curl hair. As time went by, I look around and vicinity, out of the window and then I happened to peep through her dress slit.

Crew: why are you travelling alone?
me: nobody to accompany me.
Crew: no girlfriend?
me: nope, was single for a while
Crew: then why you go to japan?
me: for blowup sex doll?
Crew: HAHAHA. WHAT!? you need a blowup sex doll. You serious?!
Me: hahah of course I am kidding. Yea, japan for work but I am amazed that I can get JAV material at their 7-11.
Crew: ahhh, its their culture sort. They willing to accept R21 stuff there not like Singapore. Everything is so restricted.
Me: our mind thinking the same thoughs. Haha. Really nice talking to you.
Me: ohh. Kindly move aside, I am going to the toilet.
I stood up from my cubicle and stretch my back and slowly moving thru the narrow aisle. The stewardess started to move around but due to the way she sat. she stretch open her leg, revealing her red g string that she wear under her dress sarong kebaya. I walked towards the toilet while she followed me behind.
After having a face wash in the toilet and a relief of my bladder, I opened the toilet door and went out. i saw her standing nearby in her greeting position.

Me: oh, can I have a glass of warm water?
I stood aside in the quiet gallery, leaning on the side of the doorway.

Crew: here you go,

I started to drink the warm water and turn my attention back to her.

Me: hmmm so do you work out to keep slim ?
Crew: nope, always slim since I was young
Me: oh, not bad. Natural beauty.
Crew: no sir, don’t flatter me.
Me: come on, at least let me compliment you right?
Crew: sure sure sir.
Me: by looking at your attire, you seems to be wearing a push up maxi bra and a G string under your kebaya outfit?
Crew: wow, you are quite observant. Yea. As usual push up bra to make our boob looks bustier and g string, you know walking up and down on flights? All our panties can become G string.
Me: hahahaha I heard that comment before. So that’s why you wore a G string on flights?
Crew: yea, so no VPL on my dress and its comfy.
Me: hahahaha. Red color lace g string?
Crew: oh gosh sir, you saw it? how?
Me: just now, when I was passing by and you widen your legs. So I saw it. Nice flash by the way.
Crew: uhhh thanks for the compliment.
I kept teasing her until she blushed up like a red apple. I pass my cup back to her and she turn around to wash the cup while I stand behind her. Looking down at her butt, admiring the firm asian perky butt. My thoughts wander around like:

“lift the skirt up and sneak my hand onto your butt, groping it and giving it a light spank while curling the strings of her red lace g strings. Using my hand as an explorer under the universe between her legs.”

I shook my head and woke up from my dream. I knew I am tired already and she(Crew) turned around and face me.

Crew: uhmmm we are almost about to land in an hour time.
Me: Yes, miss G string.
Crew: hey, don’t call me that. Whispering to me.
I walked by to my cubicle and sat down while I turned my attention to my laptop which it is still on. Gonna to shut it down as to prepare for landing.
Soon after, the glow of the morning sun bleed thru my window. Looking out in amaze as the plane descent for landing. I can hear the raise in noise of the crew preparing the plane for landing. then shortly, the G string crew walked around the aisle. Checking and ensuring our belts are fastened and the cubicle is set for landing. She came over to me after checking the old man at the other side of the business class.

She bend down and while I perch forward to listen to her.

Crew: give me your hand.
Me: nah
Crew: take this.
She placed something soft into my palm as I grip it firmly

me: whats this? a gift from the airline?
crew: yea. Smell it?
I told the “gift” and smell it on my noise. Scenting a light perfume smell.
She continue to knee down while I did what she instructed. Till then I still don’t get it. I placed the “gift” on my lap and spread it open. Realising it is a red g string that she wore during the flight. I was extremely shocked at how daring she was.
Crew: hahas so how? Like the gift?
Me: omgosh then you not wearing anything?
Crew: yea. This is my gift to you for making my flight so interesting. Thanks for being so understand towards the lives of a cabin crew.
Me: nahh. You sure I can have this gift? Triumph brand leh. Somemore can see thru leh.
Crew: its just a gift.
Me: and you going commando ?
Crew: yep, first time in my life. Don’t worry, nobody will be able to see.

Shortly after I admired the lacing of the G String.

Crew: hey. Look between my legs.
I looked as per instruction and I saw the view of a clean shaven pussy. The flaps of the clit is just protruding a little out of the clitoris while the hole of the vaginal firmly closed up. I never forget that sight of how she purposely exposed herself to let me feast on her beauty.
Me: wow
Crew: nice?
Me: ermmm, I would say it’s the best pussy I ever since in my life.
Crew: hahaha sure sir. Thanks.
Me: anyway, can we exchange contacts?
Crew: Sure, glad to know you.
I took out my IPhone and tap to create a new contact. I type “G String” in the name field followed by the number and pass my phone to her. She took my phone and key in her number and she pass me back before she turn back and walked to the crew quarters.
Before I press “Add to Contact”, I realise she change the name “G String” to “Winnie”. So I learned her name is winnie.
Shortly after a while, the captain voice blasted thru the PA system, informing that we are about to land. So I stow my belongings properly. I pop my head out along the aisle, looking for winnie but she was nowhere to be seen.
Soon after a while, the plane landed and I dilly dally took my time to leave the plane.
The cabin crews of the flights lined up at the exit of the plane, greeting warm wishes to the passengers.
I took my backpack and stow it on my back and I walked down the gallery. I assumed that I am the last passenger and walked towards the exit when I saw winnie and her other cabin crew members. I did a radar scan of all the crews and with a short instant, I would still choose winnie as the best looking stewardess of this flight.
Me: thanks for all the hard work ladies. Appreciate it
Crews: Thank you sir, Have a nice day.
Me: Winnie, thanks for the gift. Hope to see you soon
Winnie: oh! Sir, thank you sir, you are very much welcome.
I walked off the Broadway into the terminal and did my immigration checks. Shortly after, I went to pick up my baggage and did a short shopping at the local DFS store. I spend some time shopping around the DFS stores, not in the hurry as I need to get some duty free spirits and wine for my friends and colleagues. After making my purchase, I placed my purchases on the airport trolley and wheel it towards the baggage belt. Managed to pick my baggage as I am kinda the last guys to collect. Shortly after, I walked thru the exit into the arrival hall. Looking around for my driver to pick me home. I stood aside with my belonging, not to block the crowds that welcoming their loved ones. Kinda irritated to find out where is my driver. As I make the phone call, I saw winnie exiting the immigration into the arrival hall. I literally froze as I saw her walk pass me with classic style. My eye looked down to eye rape her butt one more time before she hop into the waiting taxi. Hearing the dialling tone cut and I heard the driver voice. Got to know that he parked at the car at the carpark and he is walking over to receive me. I cut the call and search for my driver and I head home. Really, damn tired but I got an extra gift.

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