Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bali Day 1

It was the start of Grace’s holiday break for her University studies. During the holidays, Grace would kill her time by attending her dance classes or staying at home doing nothing useful. Her parents hope that Grace would be able to get a part time job to tide her personal finances instead of relying on the weekly allowance they give it to her.

One afternoon, wearing an oversize shirt and lace panties. Grace was lazing on the bed away after having lunch cooked by her mom. As she lie under her comforter, her phone buzzed with a sms.

(Start of SMS Conversation)

Shoo: “Hi Grace, Shoo here. Kindly asking are you interested to accompany me to Bali for a Business trip? 5 days 4 night @ Sofitel Bali “

Grace: “Hey, wow. That’s so sudden. Bali? I never been there.”

Shoo: “Yea, you interested? Or I can find someone else. I am kinda in a rush because I need to fly tomorrow morning =/ “

Grace: “Wait, I ask mom first “
Shoo: “go ask, mummy girl “

Grace got up from her cosy bed, opened her door and went to the living room where her mom is reading the mail.

Grace: “ma, my friend jio me go bali, can I go?”
Mom: “mm, who is that guy? Why is he going bali?
Grace: “JC classmate, Business trip! He alone, need someone to pei him to secure deal”
Mom: “hmmm, ok. Go check your passport first. When you flying? When you coming back? “
Grace: “Tomorrow night 3am so 12 midnight tonight I need to be at the airport”
Mom: “wow so rush, you got money or not?”
Grace: “yes, will change at the airport la”

(SMS Conversation (Continued))

Grace: “hey, approved. But what do I pack?”
Shoo: “Nice, bring a set of formal wear. Might have dinner with the client along the beach. The rest just normal outdoor wear, like you all girls wear fbt or spag tops whatever stuff. Bring swimsuit if you wanna swim. Maximum luggage around 20kg I think.”

Grace: “Ok, what time you picking me up?”
Shoo:  “10 to 11pm?”
Grace: “k, cya later”

(End of SMS Conversation)

Shoo aren’t Grace’s JC classmate. Shoo is just an ITE Higher Nitec Graduate. Shoo met Grace via her online blog. By right, Shoo is interested in wooing grace. Due to the leap of faith, Grace decided to let shoo enter her inner circle.
Shoo was just an average looking Singapore grown guy. Running different businesses since the age of 21, he often have to fly oversea to close deals to ensure the survival of the business.

As time goes by, while Grace starts to pack her luggage. She encountered the common problem most ladies faced. Deciding on clothes, since it is just a small beach holiday theme. She decided to pack FBT and loose oversize shirt as well as a pair of bikini since she doesn’t have a swimsuit. While deciding her formal wear, she choose the black tube dress that hugs her body with her slim figure, with the dress flare barely reaching the upper thigh. Since Grace has her personal tendency of kinkiness, she packed her silver wireless vibrating bullet as well as her usual set of lace G String into her luggage.



Soon, it was past dinner time and Grace had dinner with her mom and dad. After helping her mom to wash the dishes and settle minor chores, Grace went to the balcony and wait for Shoo’s arrival. Sitting on the balcony chair surfing facebook and twitter, she was wondering what is interesting in Bali. So she continue to search on places of interest in Bali.


Grace’s phone started to ring from Shoo’s call. Using a Bluetooth in car device:

Shoo: “hey I am at the entrance, what block and unit no?”
Grace: “ohh block 11 unit 09-03”
Shoo: “oh ok, I meet you at the loading bay?”
Grace: “Don’t, park at the carpark. You come up first “
Shoo: “oh ok “

Excited to meet shoo. Grace went to the lift lobby to receive shoo. Grace, dressed in same attire as this afternoon, she wanted anxiously at the lift lobby while shoo making his way up to the unit. “ding”, the lift door open and Grace gave a friendship hug to Shoo. After exchanging greetings, Grace grab shoo arm and pull him into the house. With Grace walking in front of shoo, it is obvious to see Grace’s butt cheeks as her white oversize shirt can barely cover her ass with her black lace panties.

Shoo: “Hello Uncle, Hello Auntie”
Dad: “Hello, shake hand, business man ehh ?”
Shoo: “ small business la, nothing big leh uncle hahaha”
Mom: “Hello, shuu. You want drinks, go take yourself hor. I will stay in my room. Anyway, thanks for taking care of Grace hor. She now having holiday and spend more of her time at home doing nothing. Xin hao you got chance to bring her to learn business”
Shoo: “ no worries, company will pay everything. Rest assure I will take care of Grace”

Grace went to the fridge to grab a packet drink while shoo stood there exchanging greetings with grace’s parents. Then Grace grab hook shoo’s arm and pull him into her room and close the door.

After the bedroom door close, shoo startle at the beauty of Grace’s bedroom. It looks cosy with white and light blue painting and it has a glass door access to a small ledge balcony that has 2 bamboo chairs. At the moment, privacy blinds were drawn and the aircon is on. Shoo sat on Grace’s bed and commented on the room.

Grace opened her wardrobe and start searching for an attire while shoo sat on the bed looking at the wardrobe filled with ladies wear. With grace’s back facing shoo, shoo continue to look at the butt cheeks of grace and admire her slim figure.

Grace: “ ehh.. between this dress and this, which one better? “
Shoo: “mmm this dress then” Just a normal informal office dress
Shoo: “you need me to go out ? “
Grace: “no need, just stay here. Nothing to hide since we both adult”

the moment grace took off the oversize shirt, it revealed the slim body of a petite girl. Her boob were just fine, firm, perky and had a perfect cleavage not to compare with a runway and lastly roughly about 34C, her black laced embroidered flower panties hid her shaven clit away from prying eyes. Grace noticed that shoo was looking at the frontal part of her panties, hoping to get a bonus peek of those clit. Quickly, she wore her black maxi-bra and her dress and started to tidy up her hair.

Grace secured and lock her luggage while shoo opened the door of her bedroom. The hallway is darken and quiet. Both of them quietly walk out to the main door, putting on their footwear and leaving the house for the airport.

At the basement carpark of grace’s condominium, grace hop walk around happily knowing that she is flying off for a vacation. Reached to the shoo’s car, a Mazda Rx8 twin seater car. Grace commented that this car looks nice from the exterior with aftermarket mods. Once they are in the car, shoo started up the car with a distinct broooomm. Looking at grace, she is busily replying whatsapp messages and looking thru Instagram post. While shoo waited for the car to get heated up, he noticed that the dress that grace wore was really short as she sat beside him in the car. Revealing the frontal lace part of the panties. Grace’s legs are long so she has to curve her leg upwards.

Shoo: “Nice panties by the way”
Grace: “hmm why ? “ (widen her legs)
Shoo: “I like those panties, can see abit of your clit”
Grace: “ohh? Want me to remove it so you can see it ?”
Shoo: “heh, up to you. Time to go”

While shoo started to drive out of the basement carpark, Grace started to arc her back upwards and slide her panties to her ankle. Removing it in the process and she place the panties on the gear stick.
Shoo was shocked and grace was looking at shoo with a cheeky lip biting facial expression and teasing shoo by widening her legs back and forth.

Shoo remain focus on the road while grace went commando on the trip to the airport. Both grace and shoo has a light conversation about their recent updates and activities during the journey to the airport.
After parking the car, shoo decided to ask

Shoo: “ehh you not wearing your panties?”
Grace: “haha, you want to see my clit. I remove and let you see lo”
Shoo: “naughty girl, how can you be so kinky?”
Grace: “oh? Sometimes I don’t like to wear panties.”
Shoo: “okay anyway, mmmm can I mmmm touch your clit?”
Grace: “Come on, go ahead. I am your secretary or gf for this trip”

Shoo started to rub the clit, giving a good pleasurable moment to grace while she lie back with her legs widen in the car. Shoo started to insert his exploratory finger into grace’s vaginal and very soon, grace got real wet and her face got flushed. Her eyes closed and her hands started to grip the car door handle. Her breathing intensify while shoo increased the fingering intensity.

“Faster… goinggg to cummmm “
“shooo.. I love your fingering”

After some minor climax eruption, shoo admired the clit with grace’s cum and use his finger to swoop it and place it near grace’s lips. Asking her to lick it. Grace licked it gracefully while giving her clit a post climax rub. Shoo get out of the car and took out the luggage while grace quickly wore back her lace panties.

Both of them smile and wink each other, initiating the start of their adventure. Both shoo and grace walked towards Singapore Airlines 24Hr Ticketing counter and have their flight tickets booked. Both of them went over to the check-in counter to have their luggage checked in. They walked into departure, pass the immigration checks and have window shopping in the transit area while waiting for board the flight to Bali.

In the plane

The flight was schedule to depart at 3.10am and they waited near the boarding area of the gate. The air stewardess commenced the boarding and request those passengers who are seat at the back of the plane to be boarded first. Shoo and grace stood up and head to their allocated seats. The seat was chosen near the back of the plane. Sat on both 58H and 58K of this quiet midnight flight. Shoo and Grace started to settle down while the plane start to take off.

Once the plane was up in the air and stabilized. The lighting of the plane were dimmed and turn off except some passenger who turn on their personal reading lights. Grace had her seat reclined down, making it comfortable for her as there is nobody around the section except whispers heard from the crew station. Shoo took out his laptop and started to do some minor email and documentation during the flight to bali.

While grace was lying down facing the side of shoo. He stared at the seriousness of how shoo handles his work while enjoy a break from reality.

“He looks so fucking serious when he is doing his work.” – Grace’s thoughts

With the blanket covering grace from the cold environment, she secretly remove her lace panties without attracting shoo’s attention since he is engrossed with his work. Holding on to her panties on her palm. She was waiting for a moment surprise shoo. Grace loves giving surprises and with her secret kinky character, she definitely going to have an enjoyable moment.

Grace: “Hey, its 3.30am and you don’t want to sleep?”
Shoo lean back on his chair and faced grace.
Shoo: “hmmm just need to settle this email, office people giving me a headache. Why not you sleep first, when the plane landing, I wake you up.”
Grace: “don’t want, I wanna see you work.”

Shoo stretch over to grace and gave her kiss on her lips followed by her forehead. He whispered to grace “Thanks for accompanying me”. Grace return a smile and said : “its ok dear”. Shoo started to resume his work when grace nudge him and pass him the crumbled up lace panties. It’s hard to identify it in the dark plane cabin.

Shoo: “whats this?”
Grace: “hmm I don’t know hehehe”

Shoo spread out the panties and tried identify this mystery gift from grace. Unknowingly, he saw the shape and the lace pattern of the panties and turned to grace

Shoo: “are you serious? Why you so naughty huh?”
Grace: “hehehe I love disturbing you. You look so serious working and I got horny”

Shoo dimmed his laptop and his hand went under the blanket and navigate to the bottom of the dress. From there, it is the guy instinct to scout for grace’s treasure hole. It didn’t take long until shoo started to rub grace clit in a circular motion. Using his fingers to spread the flap of the clit aside and slowly insert the middle finger into grace’s clit. Grace was reacting to the size of the middle finger. “you are tight ehh? Same as just now” said Shoo. Grace just stared at shoo with a horny look in the dark plane cabin. Meantime, grace looked around, hopefully none of the air stewardess is looking at their kinky stint.  While shoo focus on giving grace an orgasm at 41,000ft above sea level, Grace looked out of the window and stared at the black sky with stars reflecting on the eyes of grace’s. Shoo decided to use 2 finger both the middle finger and ring finger to increase the intensity. “does it hurts?” Shoo asked. “nope.. just go on, very shiok. *exhale & panting* “ said Grace.
Shoo started to deep thrust into grace using the 2 fingers. As seconds ticking away, she gets wetter and her breathing get heavier. While grace lie down cuddling with the blanket, she tried her best not to moan but she cant.

Shoo: “very naughty right? Now you gonna suffer”
Grace: “pls… shoo, don’t go so fast”
Shoo: “no, i have to teach you a lesson to behave. Don’t forget you have 5 days 4 nights with me in bali” (Increasing speed)
Grace: “dear I am cumming soon…. “
(Ahhhhhh purrrr hurrrrrr urrrr *constant convulsion from grace*)

Her vaginal contracted so tight that shoo have to use more force to resist the tightness. After the mind blowing orgasm, the juice from grace’s orgasm coated both the fingers till the rest of the hand. Looking at the juice coated fingers, grace though that shoo will ask her to lick her juice but no. Instead, shoo lick the juices off his fingers and the rest of the hand while looking at grace.
“hmm sweet ehh? You add sugar into your pussy?” shoo asked grace. Grace let out a soft laugh and said “yea yea, I scope 2 tablespoon of sugar and injected into my pussy. You like it ?” Shoo smile and replied : “I loved the taste”.

Grace move aside the blanket and stood up, wanting to go to the lavatory to clean up. When she stood up and cross between shoo legs. Her dress was not tidied properly and it is kinda pulled up. Exposing her clit in front of shoo. Shoo noticed it and immediately grab grace and tilt his head and give the sugar coated clit a lick and kiss while both shoo hand’s caress grace’s butt. Grace let out a deep exhale and quickly resist from shoo’s grip and she walked quietly to the lavatory.

After a while, grace came out and lie back on her seat with the blanket covering her. While the time of 3 and the half hours flies, she achieved a milestone of having an orgasm on the plane. Meantime, she rest and recover the energy lost from both the orgasm she had while shoo finished his documentation and started to pack back his laptop. Thru the remaining moments of the flight, shoo and grace hand interlocked and both of them cuddle closely with each other whispering intimate and kinky “yet to do” moments.

The plane landed and both of the lovebirds cleared immigration at Ngurah Rai Airport. Flagging a local tuktuk was way much faster to travel to the beach resort. Travelling along the bustle traffic with no discipline and the amount of carbon crazy vehicle on the road. It is a hell load to travel around in bali. Surprisingly, from the moment grace disembark from the plane until boarding the tuktuk, she went commando as shoo did not returned her panties.

“Its so airy undernead. Where did this asshole hid my panties” Grace thoughts

Once they arrived to Sofitel Bali beach resort. Shoo went to the receptionist to settle the check-in while Grace sat down at the waiting area and replying messages on her phone. No one notice that grace is not wearing any panties and she is indirectly exposing her clit to the public at the resort lobby.


Shoo and Grace checked into their beach villa. It is a huge villa with outdoor shower and a private pool. There is a path from the villa to a secluded part of Nusa Dua beach. Rarely tourist or local hang out there.

Once grace entered into the villa, she explored around like a happy little girl. Exploring the bathroom, common area as well as the outdoor patio and lastly, looking at the beach. She stretch both of her arms into the air and inhale the fresh nature air.

Shoo already settled down the luggage and stuff. He leap on the king size bed and stay motionless. Obviously he is tired since he didn’t slept for the past 12 hours. Grace entered into the bedroom and crawled over Shoo. Sitting on the shoo tummy, grace asked…

Grace: “dear you ok?”
Shoo: “tired, just wanna sleep for a while.”
Grace: “you wanna have a bath before you rest?”
Shoo: “nice idea”
Shoo started to get up but grace push him back onto the bed
Grace: “wait here, I go run the bath for you. Just rest”
Shoo: “thanks dear”

Soon, the bathtub filled up and grace wake shoo up
Grace: “*nudge nudge* dear? “

Shoo didn’t response so grace place her hand on shoo’s dick and slowly grab it. It is kinda hard under the unbelted jeans. With that cheeky grip from grace, shoo woke up

Shoo: “ ehh hurrrrrrrrr. What you doing dear”
Grace: “waking you up, your bath is ready dear.”
Shoo: “by grabbing my dick?”
Grace: “that’s the way to wake a guy up. Hahaha”
Grace giggle while shoo stood up and walk aimlessly to the bathroom. The bathroom has almost all the features of a 5 star hotel. With an outdoor bathtub and shower overlooking the horizon of the indian ocean.

While shoo remove his clothes. Grace also removed her dress and both their clothes were strewn on the floor.
Shoo: “ wow, outdoor bathroom? Why you use the outdoor bathtub not the indoor one? Ehh you also bathing?”
Grace: “ why not? Let’s bath together laa”

Grace was fully nude in the small bathroom garden. At the time, shoo was adjusting the shower water when grace came behind him and hugged him from the back. Both of them embrace the moment of nudity in nature with the morning tropical sun and a mild warm water. While they soap each other, shoo caress grace’s boobs and butt and naughty lick and suck grace tilts. Grace gave a little moan while grace grab shoo’s dick and start the pumping motion.

Grace: “ hey dear, how long you never cum?”
Shoo: “ hmmm about 3 months already “
Grace: “ wahh.. sure blockage already. Nevermind, I do it for you.”

With shoo standing up at the shower, grace slowly kneed down and position her face in front of shoo’s dick. With the next ticking second, grace devour shoo’s dick like a hungry lion eating the best meal. Grace started to blow shoo to the best performance she had ever achieved. Taking the big long dick into her mouth with the tip of the dick reaching near her throat, she kept going on and murmuring, meanwhile looking up to shoo. That moment, Shoo is having a good time receiving a good blowjob in a environment surrounded by nature. While grace continue to blow shoo and starting to give thrust deep throat job, shoo closed his eye and enjoyed to feeling of his dick being sucked of by a horny petite princess.

Grace: “your dick is so big, bigger than all my ex “
(Slurpppppp mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm )
Shoo: “shut up and don’t compare, my dick is unique”
Grace: “sorry dear, but I like it. Come on, I want your cum !”)

Grace has been blowing shoo for a while when Shoo felt the urge and the buildup to release his cum. He intended not to inform grace about the incoming explosion coming thru her mouth. Suddenly

(Pew pew pew ahhhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh )
Shoo release the 3 months worth of cum into grace. Grace was surprise to feel something hot is filling up her mouth and flowing down her throat when she gaged. With her full size dick inside grace’s mouth, the explosion literally blast the cum directly down her throat. Tears and agony started to appear on grace.

Grace: “ urgggggghh ehem hep hep *swallowing and clearing her throat*)
Shoo: “wow that release is great. Open your mouth grace, open it “)

Grace opened and there is still traces of white cum in the mouth. Grace wipe her tears away and continue to squeeze every drop of cum into her mouth. With the last drop, shoo smear the last bit of cum onto grace’s glistering lips. Grace stood up and using her tougue motion, she wipe lick off the cum on her lips and gave a final gurp.

Grace: “you cum taste nice. Abit sweet and not salty at all”
Shoo: “wow, you can taste the difference ehh? Professional?”
Grace: “yea. Professional on the bed. Hurry up, enter into the bathtub.”

Both Shoo and grace entered the bathtub and cuddle together in the water. Looking over the indian ocean with the reflected morning sunshine, shoo busily tease grace’s boobs as he explore further around grace’s body.

After the wonderful outdoor bath and a couple of hour rest in the villa, it was about early afternoon when Shoo and grace get dressed for their outdoor activities. As simple as a guy, shoo wore a t shirt and berms and slippers while grace wore a white spaghetti top with a black maxi bra, red lace panties and a fbt shorts without netting. Leaving the villa together with hand interlocked. They head to the nearest motor shop to rent a motorcycle for their commute around bali.

After renting a motorbike, shoo and grace travel to a restaurant where it is famous for their buffalo wings and their sirloin steak. While they waited for their lunch, Grace went around and took picture of the surrounding nature / forest. However, shoo was looking at grace. Admiring this little kinky princess, wearing the fbt pants that reveal her lace panties and butt cheeks. In that attire, grace will definitely attract guy’s eye gawking attention to that cheeky butt cheek.

“that butt cheek… *slurp* I definitely gonna rape this girl” Shoo Thoughts

After lunch, they head on to the cliff temple of uluwatu temple. It is a famous tourist attraction temple where the temple overlooks the ocean. Before entering the temple, visitors has to wear a purple sarong to cover their lower bodies to show the respect to the deities. After the short temple trip, they made their way to the nearest supermarket to get groceries and stuff that they plan to make dinner in the villa. While the groceries shopping, grace has attracted some guys around with her cheek baring fbt pants that some might even wanna take pictures of the petite butt. With shoo around, none of them ever had the chance to take advantage. The reason is .. Grace belongs to Shoo.

It is already nightfall when they reach back at the villa after the half hour ride. While shoo carried the groceries and settle down in the kitchen. Grace went to the bedroom to change to her comfy attire. She removed her spag top, bra and fbt and wore an oversize shirt that can also barely cover her butt. Shoo was surprised with grace attire change. Immediately, grace started to unpack the stuff and help shoo out in the kitchen. Whenever grace squat down, it is very obvious to see the translucent covered clit, shoo was aroused with that sight. When Grace wasn’t noticing, shoo carried grace onto the tabletop and spread her legs wide, exposing her panties directly to shoo. Grace didn’t resist as she knows that such sudden things will happen.

Shoo used his finger to slide grace’s panties aside while gently rubbing grace’s clit. The arousal effect caused grace to arch back and lie flat on the countertop and begin moaning. Positioning his finger, he slowly thrust into grace vaginal, grace started to moan on every thrust entry.

(hurrrrrrrrrr huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur)
Grace: “feeling so good. Dear, I want your cock inside me pls!”
Shoo: “not now, later. Let me give you a surprise”

Shoo carried grace toward the outdoor garden where there is a beach chair that use for sunbathing. He gently place grace on the chair, removed her panties and widen her legs to a perfect 180 degree. This time round, he position his lips near grace’s clit and he start licking the clit. A slow nibble on the flaps followed by some gently tougue thrusting into her clit. Grace began to moan loudly. “you taste great. Yummy. Kinda like my dessert.” Shoo said to grace before remove his berms and underwear. Releasing the harden thick cock. Grace’s clit appeared to be very wet after that immersing lick that shoo did. Shoo position his dick directly about grace’s clit and start using his dick to rub the exterior of the clit. The slow rub manage to coat shoo’s dick and shoo begin to position his dick to the entry of grace’s love hole. The hole that shoo wanted to fuck with. “I have been dreaming to fuck you” Shoo said to grace.

Grace appeared to be dazed after rounds of the fingering moment. “just fuck me dear. Fuck me hard” Grace responded.

So Shoo started to thrust his dick into grace. At first, the length half of the cock followed by the full length thrust of the cock inside grace. Facing both of his hands on grace’s hips. He slowly increases the thrust speed while grace moan out to her heart content.

Shoo: “Moan as loud as you want dear, nobody can hear you“
Grace: “fuckkkk you dear. You really like to bully me? Now I gonna fuck you. You don’t run”

Grace was felling really horny this moment when she push shoo away and the dick just “pop” out of grace’s vaginal. Grace immediately removed her oversize shirt, both being total nude under the starry night sky in the villa garden. She grab shoo and walk over to the open grass of the garden. Laying couple of towel on the grass. She push shoo down, making him lie on the floor. In the position, she regain the full dominance of shoo by positioning herself in the cowgirl position. Holding on to his cock, she guide the cock gently to the entrance of her hole before she sat all the way down. Shoo felt the tightness and thrust by grace, he jerk up abit and and suck on grace’s nipples, nibble and sucking it like a baby. Soon the nipple turned stiff and pointy which shoo really love to suck on it.

Grace: “heh, you think I don’t know about domination? You still wanna bully me ?”
Shoo: “argghhhhhhhhh, ok ok. You win hurrrrrrrrrrrr”

Grace lean forward and her boob was just nice above shoo. Shoo begin licking grace nipples casually. Those beautiful pointy nipples that need to be “tune” by shoo. Grace has been riding shoo at a fast speed when she felt the urge to orgasm.

Grace: “ hurr hurr hurr I cumming soon”
Shoo: “ me too dear.. you faster get up and I cum on your face?”
Grace : “NO!, cum inside me. Don’t you want to cum inside me? Don’t act innocent dear. You are the first guy that I willing to let you cummed inside me” Grace said in an evil tone

Shoo decided to resist not to cum inside grace because of the consequences when grace increase her riding intensity until shoo couldn’t hold me anymore. Shoo shot a load of warm cum deep inside grace’s love hole. Grace felt the waves of cum filling inside her womb with shoo’s fully penetrated inside the pussy.
(pew pew pew pew, ahh ahhh ahh )
Both of them hug and embrace that moment. Drench in both of their sweat. Bits of overflowing cum squirt out of the thrust action while grace slow down her cowgirl riding. At last, grace stood up and admiring her cum filled pussy. She used her finger to resist the overflowing cum from her love hole while smiling at shoo lying on the grass panting heavily. She also notice some of the remainder cum on the dick, she knee down once again and start sucking off those final bits, licking and swallowing every single drop of shoo’s cum. Both of them lied down on the grass patch, looking up and embracing under the nature night sky.

(lying down looking up the sky)
Grace: “hey dear, you cummed a lot. your cum still following out”
Shoo: “haha nice, that means I fully cummed inside you”
Grace: “the feeling damn nice. Like an internal explosion”
Grace: “first time a guy cum inside me and fucking in the garden”
Shoo: “you like it dear? by the way, why you don’t want me to give you facial?”
Grace: “oh? Because I want your cum inside me. Maybe tomorrow I get my facial? hehe”
Shoo: “sure dear. By the way, are you on pills?”
Grace: “Nope”

Both the lovebird cuddle for a while more before heading for the indoor shower together. Further embracing the love and moment together. Grace wore her oversize uni shirt and lace panties while shoo dressed in his boxers and both of them head to bed. While cuddling in bed, grace didn’t notice that shoo’s cum is still flowing out onto her lace panties. What a perfect creampie.

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