Sunday, 21 August 2016


This story was told by my army friend. Names has been change to protect identity.

I just came back on a business trip from japan abroad the SQ Business Class Flight. Being the first to board the plane, escorted and directed to my seat by the business class crew. Settled down and soon after the plane take off and head to the direction home. I remembered clearly that didnt slept a wink on the flight, busy with my work on my laptop. After an hour or two on my laptop, I placed my laptop aside. Raising from the seat popping my head out and up along the aisle discovering the atmosphere seems to be quiet. Slowly, I stood up on my feet and walked to the toilet to have a leak. After a while in the toilet, I got out of the toilet and I saw a crew standing a few distance away welcoming the sight of me.
Me: oh hi.
Crew: Hi Sir, how may I help?
Me: ermm, I kinda hungry. Do you mind preparing my meal?
Crew: Sure. Thank you Sir.
Me: Welcome

after the short conversation, I can hear the slight raise in noise of my food being prepared in the business class gallery. Walking towards my cubicle, I look around with my pry eyes, noticing that there wasn’t really many people in the business class except for an old man travelling alone. I sat back my place and look out of the window.
A Stewardess crew passed and I turned my head to the direction, admiring the firm butt of the SIA Singapore girl. I felt the rush to release the build-up sexual urge. My little brother started to get awake and it’s growing in size on every seconds ticking away.

A while later, the crew came alongside my cubicle and set the area for my meal. Introducing and casual conversing with me while I pay my attention to them. However, I was really eye raping them. Staring at the body figure covered with the national dress Sarong Kebaya. Scanning around for any slip chance upon their cleavage or their dress split as they walk. Lucky, the crew happened to pour me a drink and squatted down discreetly beside my meal and she place it on my makeshift table. I chance upon looking down at her kerbaya, the size of a natural boob roughly about 32B, firmly padded with a push up bra to make it look busty. As I continue to look down at the firm boobs with a small reveal of the cleavage. The thoughts of me cumming inside the cleavage blasted my mind. Within split seconds, I shook my mind around and I discreetly look at somewhere else.

Crew: Please enjoy your meal.
Me: ohh, wait. Are you busy ?
Crew: oh, may I help?
Me: no, I just want you to sit with me while I eat.
Crew: oh, Sir, I Apologise.
Me: don’t apologise, just sit here la.
The crew listened and moved herself to find a comfortable sitting spot. She sat down with eased. Her butt landed on the sidebar on my cubicle while she faced me. She discreetly crossed her legs to protect her modesty of exposing her dress slit.
Crew: Sir, hows your flight?
Me: yea. So far so good. Comfortable.
Crew: That’s great.
Me: haha. Its alright. You just relax alright? I know this is a long flight and you need be on standby taking out request.
Crew: yea. This is my job right? Hahas
Me: its alright. You can rest since its already late at night and the old man there is already sleeping.
Crew: haha, you are so thoughtful. Are you a steward before?
Me: nope, my sibling is an air stewardess, same airline as you.
Crew: oh, that why you understand how we felt on every flight. Hahahas

As we converse, I noticed the crew got comfortable as she sat down and enjoy the soft conversation in the dimly lit business class. Then as we talked along, I really felt very comfortable and interested in this air stewardess. I observe that she getting relax as she started to remove her hair net / clip. She let down her bun up hair, releasing a wave of shoulder length curl hair. As time went by, I look around and vicinity, out of the window and then I happened to peep through her dress slit.

Crew: why are you travelling alone?
me: nobody to accompany me.
Crew: no girlfriend?
me: nope, was single for a while
Crew: then why you go to japan?
me: for blowup sex doll?
Crew: HAHAHA. WHAT!? you need a blowup sex doll. You serious?!
Me: hahah of course I am kidding. Yea, japan for work but I am amazed that I can get JAV material at their 7-11.
Crew: ahhh, its their culture sort. They willing to accept R21 stuff there not like Singapore. Everything is so restricted.
Me: our mind thinking the same thoughs. Haha. Really nice talking to you.
Me: ohh. Kindly move aside, I am going to the toilet.
I stood up from my cubicle and stretch my back and slowly moving thru the narrow aisle. The stewardess started to move around but due to the way she sat. she stretch open her leg, revealing her red g string that she wear under her dress sarong kebaya. I walked towards the toilet while she followed me behind.
After having a face wash in the toilet and a relief of my bladder, I opened the toilet door and went out. i saw her standing nearby in her greeting position.

Me: oh, can I have a glass of warm water?
I stood aside in the quiet gallery, leaning on the side of the doorway.

Crew: here you go,

I started to drink the warm water and turn my attention back to her.

Me: hmmm so do you work out to keep slim ?
Crew: nope, always slim since I was young
Me: oh, not bad. Natural beauty.
Crew: no sir, don’t flatter me.
Me: come on, at least let me compliment you right?
Crew: sure sure sir.
Me: by looking at your attire, you seems to be wearing a push up maxi bra and a G string under your kebaya outfit?
Crew: wow, you are quite observant. Yea. As usual push up bra to make our boob looks bustier and g string, you know walking up and down on flights? All our panties can become G string.
Me: hahahaha I heard that comment before. So that’s why you wore a G string on flights?
Crew: yea, so no VPL on my dress and its comfy.
Me: hahahaha. Red color lace g string?
Crew: oh gosh sir, you saw it? how?
Me: just now, when I was passing by and you widen your legs. So I saw it. Nice flash by the way.
Crew: uhhh thanks for the compliment.
I kept teasing her until she blushed up like a red apple. I pass my cup back to her and she turn around to wash the cup while I stand behind her. Looking down at her butt, admiring the firm asian perky butt. My thoughts wander around like:

“lift the skirt up and sneak my hand onto your butt, groping it and giving it a light spank while curling the strings of her red lace g strings. Using my hand as an explorer under the universe between her legs.”

I shook my head and woke up from my dream. I knew I am tired already and she(Crew) turned around and face me.

Crew: uhmmm we are almost about to land in an hour time.
Me: Yes, miss G string.
Crew: hey, don’t call me that. Whispering to me.
I walked by to my cubicle and sat down while I turned my attention to my laptop which it is still on. Gonna to shut it down as to prepare for landing.
Soon after, the glow of the morning sun bleed thru my window. Looking out in amaze as the plane descent for landing. I can hear the raise in noise of the crew preparing the plane for landing. then shortly, the G string crew walked around the aisle. Checking and ensuring our belts are fastened and the cubicle is set for landing. She came over to me after checking the old man at the other side of the business class.

She bend down and while I perch forward to listen to her.

Crew: give me your hand.
Me: nah
Crew: take this.
She placed something soft into my palm as I grip it firmly

me: whats this? a gift from the airline?
crew: yea. Smell it?
I told the “gift” and smell it on my noise. Scenting a light perfume smell.
She continue to knee down while I did what she instructed. Till then I still don’t get it. I placed the “gift” on my lap and spread it open. Realising it is a red g string that she wore during the flight. I was extremely shocked at how daring she was.
Crew: hahas so how? Like the gift?
Me: omgosh then you not wearing anything?
Crew: yea. This is my gift to you for making my flight so interesting. Thanks for being so understand towards the lives of a cabin crew.
Me: nahh. You sure I can have this gift? Triumph brand leh. Somemore can see thru leh.
Crew: its just a gift.
Me: and you going commando ?
Crew: yep, first time in my life. Don’t worry, nobody will be able to see.

Shortly after I admired the lacing of the G String.

Crew: hey. Look between my legs.
I looked as per instruction and I saw the view of a clean shaven pussy. The flaps of the clit is just protruding a little out of the clitoris while the hole of the vaginal firmly closed up. I never forget that sight of how she purposely exposed herself to let me feast on her beauty.
Me: wow
Crew: nice?
Me: ermmm, I would say it’s the best pussy I ever since in my life.
Crew: hahaha sure sir. Thanks.
Me: anyway, can we exchange contacts?
Crew: Sure, glad to know you.
I took out my IPhone and tap to create a new contact. I type “G String” in the name field followed by the number and pass my phone to her. She took my phone and key in her number and she pass me back before she turn back and walked to the crew quarters.
Before I press “Add to Contact”, I realise she change the name “G String” to “Winnie”. So I learned her name is winnie.
Shortly after a while, the captain voice blasted thru the PA system, informing that we are about to land. So I stow my belongings properly. I pop my head out along the aisle, looking for winnie but she was nowhere to be seen.
Soon after a while, the plane landed and I dilly dally took my time to leave the plane.
The cabin crews of the flights lined up at the exit of the plane, greeting warm wishes to the passengers.
I took my backpack and stow it on my back and I walked down the gallery. I assumed that I am the last passenger and walked towards the exit when I saw winnie and her other cabin crew members. I did a radar scan of all the crews and with a short instant, I would still choose winnie as the best looking stewardess of this flight.
Me: thanks for all the hard work ladies. Appreciate it
Crews: Thank you sir, Have a nice day.
Me: Winnie, thanks for the gift. Hope to see you soon
Winnie: oh! Sir, thank you sir, you are very much welcome.
I walked off the Broadway into the terminal and did my immigration checks. Shortly after, I went to pick up my baggage and did a short shopping at the local DFS store. I spend some time shopping around the DFS stores, not in the hurry as I need to get some duty free spirits and wine for my friends and colleagues. After making my purchase, I placed my purchases on the airport trolley and wheel it towards the baggage belt. Managed to pick my baggage as I am kinda the last guys to collect. Shortly after, I walked thru the exit into the arrival hall. Looking around for my driver to pick me home. I stood aside with my belonging, not to block the crowds that welcoming their loved ones. Kinda irritated to find out where is my driver. As I make the phone call, I saw winnie exiting the immigration into the arrival hall. I literally froze as I saw her walk pass me with classic style. My eye looked down to eye rape her butt one more time before she hop into the waiting taxi. Hearing the dialling tone cut and I heard the driver voice. Got to know that he parked at the car at the carpark and he is walking over to receive me. I cut the call and search for my driver and I head home. Really, damn tired but I got an extra gift.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bali Day 2

It’s a tiring day 1 for both of the lovebird. They have no time constraints until the evening where shoo will meet the investors at the beach seafood restaurant located at Kuta beach, few kilometre away from the villa.

Grace woke up under the blanket sheet beside shoo, sleeping soundly away. She walked to the bathroom and start her usual wash up routine. Shortly after, she went to the kitchen to search for food like a hungry kitten. Searching among the groceries they bought the day before, she started to make the first meal of the day, kinda a late breakfast early lunch.

After whipping up the meal, grace decided that it is time to wake shoo up. She went to the bedroom, crawl under the blanket and over shoo, giving shoo bits of wake-up kisses on the face. Shoo woke up and hug grace down while snoozing off his sleep. Mubbling for more time to sleep, grace felt the erection of shoo’s dick. She quietly crawl back down and position her head over shoo’s boxer. With the intention of give shoo a surprise morning blowjob, she slowly remove shoo’s boxers without awaking him. Shoo’s dick just whipped out of the boxers, kinda giving a dickslap on grace’s face. Without touching the dick, she opened her mouth and begin to swallow the entire dick deep into her throat. With her dick fully insider her mouth, she stir her tougue around the big size dig and started her blowing action. Each blowing movement, grace went deeper and deeper, thrusting the head of shoo’s dick into the throat.

Shoo woke up in confusion and realise the surprise blowjob. Shoo was too surprised that he stopped grace from furthering blowing. Grace complied and crawl up to shoo and continue to hug him while shoo secretly navigate his right hand on Grace’s pussy. He found out that it is wet and he knows that his girl is horny.
Shoo got up from the bed as the same time, he carried grace in fireman style, smacking and caressing grace’s butt as he walk towards the living hall. At the living hall, he flip grace on the sofa, grace landed on the sofa like a messy rag doll. Grace is still giving shoo the horny stare and smile when he place both of his hands on grace’s hips, gripping on to grace’s panties, he slide the panties off and immediately widen grace legs apart.

Shoo started to gently lick grace’s pussy, giving grace a bit of shock and convulsion. Aiming with his tougue, he thrust his tougue deep into grace pussy and licking and sucking the juice off the lovely abalone. Grace started to moan and suffer this agony.

(While holding grace’s legs apart and licking directly on her pussy)
Shoo:”Nice pussy, is this my breakfast?”
Grace: “noooooo dear, your breakfast on the tableeee”
Shoo :”so you want me to stop?”
Grace: “OKAY, Please. Lets have lunch bah”
Shoo: “ok la.. let you off. Your juice very nice *Slurp*” (Giving a last deep suck)

Shoo decided to let grace off when both of them got up and walk to the kitchen. On the kitchen counter, grace already prepare a basic variety of dishes that she manage to cook from her cooking experience from her mom.

While grace preparing the meal, distributing the dining utensils. Shoo went behind grace and gave her a hug from the back.

(hugging grace)

Shoo: “Thanks dear, thanks for meal.” (hugging grace while shoo secretly poke his finger inside grace pussy, grace got surprised and struggled)

Grace: “hurrr.. FUCK YOU Bastard. Always disturb me. Hurry, lets eat”
Shoo: “your juice still so sweet.” (Licking the juice on shoo’s finger”
Shoo: “ok ok, I sit here then”

Both of them ate their late breakfast without any trouble. Admiring the scenery from the living hall, villa doors were opened the entire night, letting fresh air and compromising privacy moments with nature. Who here doesn’t cares about privacy between those lovebirds.

(Conversation while eating)

Grace: “dear, today very sunny leh, we going out or not ?”
Shoo: “nope, free and easy until evening. Don’t forget I got a meeting with my client”
Grace: “orh.. then can we go suntan later or massage?”
Shoo: “sure.. both also can. You want massage? I call them?”
Grace: “sure.. thanks dear”
Shoo: “no worries silly girl”

Shoo took his mobile phone and called to a famous massage service company. Booking for 2 pax full body nature erotic massage timeslot for 3 hours while grace clean up the dishes.

After the cleaning up and a short rest, both of them changed into their respective swimwear. Shoo wore his beach shorts and his shades, as for a lady, grace wore her black top with a bottom wicked thong. Meanwhile in the toilet, she asked shoo to help her tie the string of her bikini. It is very attracting for shoo to look at grace’s bikini set because of her bottom with is a wicked thong cut that barely cover her pussy and her butt.

“I wanna fuck you everyday grace..” Shoo Thoughs

Both of them went to the villa private beach just location behind the villa via a small pathway and a entry gate. They place their stuff on the beach chair provided by the villa and one of the staff walking towards them.

Staff :”Drinks for you sir?”
Shoo: “1 orange juice and 1 fruitpunch cocktail”
Staff: “thanks sir”

Shortly after a while, the staff served their ordered drinks and went off. Giving both the lovebird their privacy.

The private beach is not really private but just that it is very secluded from public as public doesn’t often roam there. Just a beach behind some small cliff with clear looking water.

Grace laid her beach towel on the beach chair and get ready for her sunbathing session. Wearing her shades, while she let the sun tanned her back, she occupied herself by reading a ladies magazine and playing her IPhone.


Grace: “Dear, hmmm can I remove my bikini ? because I don’t want any tan lines.”
Shoo: “go ahead luh, its weekday and there is literally nobody here only us”
Grace: “okay then, help me untie and remove for me”
Shoo: “Lazy bum”

Shoo moved forward to grace and started to untie her bikini top, slowly loosening the knot until it falls off sideway. Grace arch upwards and shoo remove the bra under her body since she is tanning her back. Shoo proceed to remove her bikini thong, pulling the knot string at both side, the bikini thong just became lossen by itself and shoo remove the bikini thong. Exposing grace’s butt to the sky.

Both of them enjoy their time on the beach, shoo is reading his book and chilling away and Grace’s occasionally turn around at intervals to have a proper tanned colour. A while later, shoo got bored and restless. Looking at grace, shoo assume that grace has falling asleep while suntanning but she is just merely closing her eyes and listening to songs played by her Iphone.

With a secret move on shoo’s finger, he slowly tap on grace’s clits. Checking whether did she react to any reaction. Shoo continue to proceed on by spreading grace’s clits. Using his fingers, he spread both the clits flaps and spread some lotion around the pussy area. Lastly, Shoo decided to take some memory pictures using the gopro. Snapping shots by shots picture of grace’s clits directly, enough pictures to make a pussy documentary.

Grace: “Horny Bastard, what you trying to do?”
Shoo: “ehh you awake? Just spreading your abalone”
Grace: “i am looking at what you doing during the entire time. Silly bastard”
(grace starting laughing)
Shoo: “lol, I took some pictures of your clit using the gopro, later tonight check it out”

Shoo tried to use his middle finger to explore grace’s pussy. Slowly poking inside the lovehole, he curve his finger upwards and slarted rubbing in a curling motion.

Shoo: “Pain?”
Grace: “ahhhh, that’s my G-Spot”

Turning his finger around, he tried some positions with his finger

Shoo: “Pain?”
Grace: “Not pain”
Shoo: “okay, your pussy is healthy”

Grace happily scream off and immediately stood up. Shoo, unknowingly also got up and grace started to chase shoo around. Like a crazy naked mad woman running and screaming at a guy on the beach. Shoo went into the sea followed by grace, still scolding vulgarities when shoo hugged grace and plant his lips on grace lips. They had their lips locked and started to French. Both pair of hands started to roam each other body. Grace loosen shoo shorts and it just slip off into the water.

Shoo: “this is a way how to shut you up”
Grace: “clever enough, bastard, asshole, son of a bitch, motherfucker”
Shoo: “you want me to fuck you in the sea?”
Grace: “NO! later sand go inside my chee bye”
Shoo: “you damn vulgar hor? “ (Shoo started to pull grace to the shore in a doggy style position)
Grace: “ok ok. I behave ok.” (grace stood up and tried to cuddle with shoo”
Shoo: “silly girl, or else I be fucking you on the beach”

Both shoo and grace sat on the shoreline, facing the sea and having minor conversation. Embracing the moment of this 2 naked lovers. Meanwhile, noticing there is some sand on grace’s body. Shoo intended to sweep it away.

Shoo: “Ehh your body got sand”
Grace: “oh god, help me sweep away. I don’t want to dirty the villa” (Grace stand up)
Shoo: “your chee bye got sand also”
Grace :” FUCK YOU, don’t kay siao and try poking me hor. Fuck off”

Grace started to run away from shoo, running naked back into the villa, shoo grab the remaining items on the beach and quickly give chase to grace. Grace went to the outdoor bathroom and just shower off the remaining sand in her hair and on her body. Meantime, the villa telecom rang and shoo answered it.

It was the massage ladies that shoo earlier booked in the morning and they are coming into the villa to provide their service to the lowers. Escorting the 2 indonesian massage ladies looking in the mid 30s. The massage ladies setup both the massage bed at the outdoor villa pavilion wear guest can user it to chill, relax or do some yoga.

The massage bed was setup quickly and shoo went to have a chat with the massage ladies, negotiating prices and services. In the end, the totally payment of 6M rupiah was paid by shoo in cold hard cash. Both massage ladies were in happy terms and the special instruction given to them.

Everything turns out to be fine. Each one of the massage ladies will be appointed to both shoo and grace. (Massage lady for grace = M1, Massage lady for shoo = M2).Given the green light, M1 walk towards the outdoor shower and to serve grace. Giving her the bathrobe, tie for her long hair etc. It didn’t take long for grace to emerge out of the outdoor bathroom with M1 escorting close to her.

Grace was dumbfounded as she never experience such massage before. Listening to the instructions given by M1, grace remove her bathrobe and proceed to climb onto the massage bed, lying on the bed with her chest facing down.

Shoo also went to the showers to wash off the sands and stuff on his body before he proceed to the pavilion where M2 is waiting for him there. Given instruction, shoo remove his shorts, bare naked in front of 3 ladies, the Balinese massage ladies didn’t even bat an eyelid as this is a common body massage practise in their culture. Shoo started to climb onto the massage bed too. Both of them them were position in parallel with a gap between each other.

M1 started to pour scented oil onto grace’s petite body, rubbing towards the edges till narrow gap between grace’s butt where her butthole is located, M1 started off with an upper body back massage followed by a lower body massage including the arms, hands, legs and feet. It is a 3 hour massage so this massage if technically to burn off time to relax and refresh away from city life.

Shoo also had the same massage sequence as grace’s both of them keeping quiet as M1 and M2 were rubbing the backs of the lovers away with their custom strength.

After a while of massage,

(Conversation with M1)

M1: “Sir, I have done massage on mdm, you want me give pussy massage now?”
Shoo: “proceed” (smiling away behind the face towel)

The massage shoo ordered comes with an erotic massage where it will covers the private part of a both male and female. This is a tradition in Balinese culture where the erotic massage aims to revive the sexual power lost during the process of city work and life.

With the instruction given, with grace’s body direction still facing downwards, M1 started to oil grace’s pussy. Spreading her legs a little wide, M1 slowly adjust her hand as she need to simulate the clitoris as well as the Grace’s favourite, the G-Spot. Pouring the oil directly from the bottle onto the gap in between both of grace’s butt like honey dripping onto the surface. Using 2 finger, M1 started to spread the oil evenly around the pussy. Using her (M1) fingertip, M1 slowly begin to rub grace’s clit as well as the outer lips of her vagina.

Grace: “dearrrrr, heh why is she rubbing my clit?”
Shoo: “it’s an erotic massage”
Grace: “wtf, she rub my clit damn shiok *exhale* hurrrrr”
M1: “Mdm, pls relax”
Shoo: “shut up and enjoy, just relax. If you cannot take it, just moan or scream.”

Grace decided to surrender herself to the agony of her clit being rubbed and fingered. After a round of clitoris simulation, M1 took out the rabbit vibrating dildo where it has the function to vibrate as well as spin around the wall of the vaginal, enhancing the sexual simulation. She lube it and turn it on, making a buzz sound. M1 slowly adjust grace’s body to welcome the toy into her lovehole. Slowly, M1 gently penetrate the vibrating dildo into grace, inch by inch as grace started to react to the size and vibration caused by the dildo. Grace was really bearing it all with her might on both of her hands, gripping the side of the massage bed when M1 full inserted the vibrating dildo into grace’s vaginal. During the dildo introduction, small amount of grace’s cum leak out onto the massage towel.

A short pause later, M1 pressed the “on” button followed by a up arrow. The rabbit vibrating dildo started to turn clockwise, effectively simulating grace’s vaginal to the extreme limit. Grace started to gasp for air and arch her back up. Using the might of her pussy muscle, she try to force the rabbit dildo out by contracting her pussy muscle. However, it is useless as M1 is holding the dildo in place, fully penetrated inside grace’s vaginal.

Grace’s started to convulse on the massage bed until she turned her body over. Trying to control the agony.

M1: “Mdm, you cannot like this. You must relax mdm”
M1: “Relax mdm”
Grace: “Kan ni na, I cannot tahan anymore. Dear! help me” (Grace mumbled)

Grace breathing started to intensify, deep breathing in both inhale and exhale while she bite her lips in agony. M1 continue to hold the rabbit vibrator deep in grace’s vaginal when suddenly, grace abruptly convulsed like a fish in the open.

Convulsing on the massage bed until M2 who was massaging Shoo has to help to hold on to grace to prevent her from falling onto the floor. Grace’s eyes was rolled backward, showing only the white area of her eye while her hand reacted wildly in the air. She moan and let out a sharp scream, tears was streaming down beside her eyelid, clenching her abs muscle until her abs can be seen. Meantime, M1 is holding on to grace’s legs during the orgasm. The spinning rabbit vibrating dildo which it is still inside grace’s vaginal was coated with a large blob of white cum, streaming and leaking onto the towel placed between the body and the bed. Slowly, the dildo pop out of grace’s vaginal followed by more white cum oozing out of grace’s vaginal. Grace’s finally laid back on the massage bed like a dead fish, gasping for air. M1 began to recover Grace by cleaning her up. Meanwhile, grace stood up and saw the amount of cum that she release. Totally amaze by this massage even she didn’t used a rabbit vibrating dildo before. M1 gave grace a cup of warm water and tell her about the massage.

M1: “you climax power not strong, you must practise yoga and mediation in nature. Your senses and stress will gone. You will be fine later.” (M1 spoke in broken Indonesian English”
Grace: “Thank you, the massage and just now that orgasm is very good. I like it. Where did you learn?”
M1: “This is bali culture, the balinese custom. Mediating and yoga must do. Just now we do Tantra massage. Real good massage. Only bali original. Other places not good”

Meanwhile, M2 was massaging shoo the entire time. After completing the full body massage, M2 told shoo to turn around while she continue to rub around shoo. Completing the process before moving on to the erotic chapter.

M2: “sir, we have finish full body massage. Now we will do the tantra massage.”
Shoo: “okay, procced” (shoo was semi conscious with all the happenings around).
M2 started to oil shoo’s dick and slowly caressing the testicle. Coating and rubbing the oil around shoo’s dick. The dick started to get erected. Like a V3 launcher pointed upwards. Within seconds, M2 started to jerk shoo’s dick in a slow going fast manner while grace sat on her massage bed overlooking the process. Looking at the jerking process, grace gave gestures to the two massage lady whether can she perform the tantra erotic massage for shoo. M2 signal grace to come over.

(Conversation in whisper)

Grace: “can you teach me how to do for sir?”
M2: “yes, mdm. Just hold like this and press here and do this”
Grace: “ok ok, thanks”

Biting her lips, grace hop around quietly, trying not to spoil the surprise and she went over to M2 who was jerking shoo’s dick in the process.

M2 stood aside and watch grace performing the tantra massage for shoo.

(Conversation in whisper)
Grace: “miss, Later sir cum how?”
M2: “you can let sir shoot or swallow? Up to you mdm”
M1: “Swallow better, tantra nature history. You both lovers. Share same body”
Grace: “ok.”

After a while of intensive dick jerking and surprise cock lick from grace.

M2: “mdm, sir going to shoot. Go fast”
Grace: “ok I ready”

Shoo started to feel and gather the urge to shoot when grace suddenly just place her mouth directly above the dickhead and she started blowing. Giving an intense suction while staring at shoo, shoo couldn’t resist anymore and finally blew his raging hot cum directly into grace’s throat, gagging grace in the process. Grace gagged and cough abit while a little drip of cum flow out of grace’s mouth onto her lips. Grace’s swallowed the entire hot cum load down into her stomach while continue to suck off tiny bits of cum oozing out of shoo’s cock pee hole.

Shoo woke up and was surprise to see grace smiling and licking his erected dick while M1 and M2 stood nearby. Both the massage lady smile and commented that the tantra erotic massage has ended and they gave thanks and started to pack up. The couple continue to remain naked in the pavilion, looking out to the seaside horizon view where it is windy, messing up grace’s hairdo.

They both cloth themselves with the bath towel, sitting under the outdoor pavilion, watching the massage ladies packing up their gear and walking off to the main door.


Grace: “wow!, I love the massage, now feeling very shiok. The oil they use also sgracel very nice”
(Hugging grace from behind, both sitting on the beach of the pavilion)
Shoo: “first time also, I heard people talking about this massage.”
Grace: “hey hey, especially the part where the lady use the rabbit vibrator. First time I get to use it and it feel so nice, like my chee bye getting fingered in all direction)
(While hugging grace, shoo slipped his hand on grace’s boob, using his finger, he tickle grace’s nipple while having the conversation)
Shoo: “go buy one la, you can use it everyday at home or in school or better. at school camp.”
Grace: “fucker.. you think I will dare to bring a vibrating dildo to school?”
Shoo: “I don’t know la hahaha.. silly girl”
Grace: “but dear, I bought something in my luaggage. My personal silver bullet”
Shoo: “ you serious? Go take out, I wanna see”

Grace went back into the villa, entered the bedroom and took out her silver bullet. Returning to the pavilion where shoo is still sitting there.

Grace: “Nahh.. this is the bullet, put the battery inside here then turn until tight. This one is the remote control. Got a few function”
Shoo: “nice.. bbbzzz bbzzz bbbzz, oh I see, press the button 1 to 4 to increase the vibrations, press the button 5 time is pulsating mode. “
Grace: “Yep, you don’t know I got this arr?”
Shoo: “I don’t know, I thot you have a big ass looking dildo at home, surely you can hide it at home bah”
Grace: “fuck you before I insert this bullet inside your asshole”
(Grace said jokingly)
Shoo: “No!, gimme that, later I will use it on you.”
Grace: “During the dinner? Fuck you NO!”
Shoo: “shut up and follow me to shower”.

Both the lovers left he pavilion and walk together hand connected to the indoor bathroom where it has a standing shower as well as an indoor bathtub that can accommodate 2 person. Just a thug of pull, both shoo and grace’s towel fell to the ground and they enter the shower together. Rubbing each other in the shower of water. When they both done, they walked out of the shower and enter the bathtub. Slowly as they don’t want to fall. At a press of a button, bubbles started to foam in the bathtub. the lovers enjoy soaping and scrubbing the back of eat other. Just like the same way the carress and tease each other body.

After bathing, they dried themselves and get ready to dress their formal wear for the meeting and dinner with shoo’s business client. They both dried each other, dapping the towel around each other while grace stood and face the dressing mirror, getting ready to put on some light makeup.

Shoo walked to the bedroom and wore his underwear meantime, he took the silver vibrating bullet and briefly search grace’s luggage for a panties. He found a black lace G-String that has a flowery translucent lace embroidery on the pussy side. He took it together with the silver bullet in hand and went back to bathroom where grace’s is there.

Shoo: “come here, sit here, open your legs, I want to see your pussy”
Grace: “why, what you doing”

Shoo kneel down and began to lubricate grace’s pussy, poking a finger in and out to make it wet a little. Slowly, using the silver bullet, shoo scouted for the entry and slowly “poke” it inside until the bullet went deep inside grace’s pussy. Grace shook and gasp a little before releasing a breathe.

Shoo: “you ok? Now wear this panties”
Grace: “wow, my pussy can feel something inside”
Grace wore the lace G-String on and continue to touch up her light makeup. Meanwhile, shoo started to dress up in his casual attire. Knowing grace’s is taking her own sweet time. He took out the vibrator remote control and press the “On” button. Grace, who was just applying some makeup suddenly shooked and begin to clench both of her petite legs together, turning around. She look to shoo and say.

Grace: “FUCK YOU.. arrrrr off itt.. I am getting wet idiot”
Shoo: “yea.. hurry up or else I increase”

Heeding the threat from shoo, she wore her black tube dress that can barely cover her butt cheeks. With shoo looking at her, he gave a compliment to grace.

Shoo: “wow, damn chio. Tonight can I fuck you in this dress ?”
Grace: “sure dear, why not. You own me a facial.”

Grace smiled away while she squat down to put on her shoes, revealing the view of her pussy covered with her lace G-String. When she stood up, her tube dress went upward, revealing her butt cheeks and frontal pussy region. For now, grace got to remind herself to pull the dress downward or else, she gonna give everyone a nice show. But who cares.

Shoo and Grace left the villa, head to the reception of the villa main building where a private taxi will take them to the beach restaurant located along Kuta beach. During the 1 hour journey to the restaurant, shoo tried to tease grace by activating the silver bullet. By pressing the button, the vibration shock grace and she started to figet around in the taxi. With all the energy she have, she tried to control the agony by clenching her legs together but there is nothing she can do. Breathing deeply in the taxi while she face out of the window, shoo secretly use his hand to touch grace’s panties by accessing undernead her tube skirt. The bullet was vibrating on the level 2 with the slow touch on grace’s pussy. Grace’s started to get wet. Noticing the wetness on the lace G-String, shoo off the vibrator and grace release her breathe of agony.

Grace: “stop it dear, pls.”
Shoo: “ok, for now, later I will try”
Grace: “fuck, tonight I will ride you until you surrender. Fucking challenge me, I dare you”
Shoo: “say again, I press it arr?”
Grace: “fuck you shoo, I don’t care you press it or not”

Shoo decided to turn on the pulsating mode where the bullet will vibrate in a pulse mode. Pressing the button, grace felt the pulse and turn to shoo.

Bz… bz bz bzzzzzzzzzzzz bz bz bz bzzzzzzzzzzz bz bz bz bzzzzzzzzzz

Grace: “Okay sorry shoo, stop it”
Shoo decided to stop it and both of them make peace in the back of the taxi. Soon the taxi reach to the destination, The restaurant staff opened the taxi door with shoo alighting followed by grace, she accidentally spread open her legs sort of a (zao keng), accidentally exposing her panties to the restaurant staff. No one knew what or how the staff react to see the beauty of a shaven petite vaginal. They both walk into the restaurant where the staff allocated the seat just on the beach beside the sea. The Sun is going down soon when shoo’s business client appeared. Introducing and shaking hands of one another. They placed their dinner order quickly and started to talk about business.


Nathan: “who is she? You girlfriend?”
Grace: “I am his girlfriend” (Grace interrupted)
Shoo: “no, she is my secretary”
Grace: “haha yea yea” (laughing it off )

Shoo: “ehh you can behave or not else i use the bullet.”
Grace: “why you say I am your secretary? You want me to work in your company?”
Shoo: “why not, ever dream of you getting fucked on the office meeting table in the middle of Central business district of Singapore? Do you know how many girls in Singapore dream of that?”
Grace: “good game. Shoo. I like your pattern”
Shoo: “you will love me real soon grace”
Grace: “Love you dear”

They ate the dinner while the sunset, revealing the true beauty of nature. When nightfall kick in, candle lamps on the table lighted the diners. Making it a romantic place to chill. Both Nathan and Shoo signed the contract on the agreement terms while grace sat beside shoo, learning the way how to conduct business negotiation.

Nathan: “both of you look good together”
Shoo: “thanks for your compliment, Mr Nathan”
Grace: “thank you sir, it’s our pleasure”
Nathan: “alright, its getting late and my chaffer is outside, I am making a move. Thanks for the dinner and looking forward to see the fruit of the partnership”
Shoo: “Sure sir, let me escort you to your car.”

Shoo escorted Nathan to his car while grace stayed behind chilling and reading messages on her iphone. Shortly a while later, shoo returned and they were deciding what to do next.

Shoo: “Hi, 1 glass of AK-47 and JagerBomb”
Waiter: “Yes Sir”
Grace: “ehh I never drink before leh”
Shoo: “then later try la, then you will know. Don’t worry, wont get drunk, only high. Anything happen I am here with you.”
Grace: “ok lor, I try abit”

Soon after, the drinks came and grace tried the Ak-47, a famous pub drink that everyone knows about it. The lovers share the Ak-47 as well as the Jager bomb. A while later, grace starting to become high, talking about her school and classmates. Shoo decided to play with the remote while grace is high. By pressing it on. A constant buzzing sound can be heard and grace felt the vibrations. She curl her legs up and place her left hand near her panties. Discreetly rubbing her panties to enjoy the vibrations. Grace lean over the shoo and said:

Grace: “fuck I am high and feeling horny. Can we go back now”
Shoo: “ok, I finish up the drinks then.”

Shoo changed the vibration to pulsating mode. Further adding grace into the abyss of agony.

Grace: “ehh I fucking wet now, can I remove my panties?”
Shoo: “remove lor.”

Grace arch up butt up and with a motion with both hands, she sweep her black lace G-String off her pussy/butt and down her leg, roll up the G String and push it into shoo’s mouth. Poor grace is so high mixed with horny until she literally stuff her G-String into shoo’s mouth. With the wetness on the panties. Shoo discreetly suck the G String, trying to taste any sweet cum that were left over my grace.

Grace: “how does it taste
Shoo: “abit sweet la.” (Removing the G-String from the mouth and placing inside her pocket)
Shoo: “Come, lets go back”
Grace: “Okay.”

With the silver bullet vibrator still vibrating in grace’s pussy, she slowly stood up from the chair like a weak girl, grabbing the sides of her tube dress and pulling it down to cover her butt. She bear the vibrating agony and walked in front of shoo, trying her best to maintain the agony in her pussy. Casually walking off with a teeth-biting expression. They waited at the restaurant lobby while the taxi is on the way to pick them up.

Shoo: “how you feeling now?” (placing his hand on grace’s tummy, feeling the pulsating vibration)
Grace: “shiok la fucker. Now my cb really wet you know” (grace whisper to shoo)

While standing around the lobby, shoo secretly place his hand at the front of grace’s dress, slowly going under the front of the dress, using his finger. He gave a fingers wipe on grace’s pussy. Discovering it is really wet and about to drip. Grace shook abit and started to fist pound on shoo.

Shoo: “Nice, it is really sweet.” (licking grace’s pussy cum on his finger”
Shoo: “taxi is here, you go in first. Don’t chao keng again arr”

The restaurant staff opened the door of the taxi and grace bend down to enter this taxi butt first, her dress moved upwards revealing her lower naked body. With the legs still outside of the cab, she stared fiercely at shoo and purpose “widen” her legs. Giving shoo a full view of her petite wet abalone. With a fast move, shoo entered the taxi and shut the door. Both of them cuddle at the back of the taxi while the taxi starts making its way back to the villa.

In the taxi, shoo is being kind enough to off the vibrator. Releasing grace out of the gates of agony. on the right back, grace lead over to shoo laps and remain awake, looking at the taxi panel and the metre. Meantime, shoo also enjoying the taxi ride,  looking out the of taxi, admiring the night light and life along the streets of kuta, bali. However his hand was just slowly rubbing grace’s pussy. Rubbing around the clit and playing the abalone flaps, making it more wet.

Shoo: “dear, you tired?” (Bending down looking at grace)
Grace: “no, abit tired dear” (turning upwards facing grace)
Shoo: “Tonight we chill in the villa ok? Love you”
Grace: “ok, love you”

The taxi reached to the villa entrance. Both shoo and grace alighted and walked to their villa. Along the path litted with path lamps. Perfect romantic moment. Reaching to the front porch of the villa, grace started to open the main door of the villa while shoo removed his footwear, looking forward to grace, perfected viewing grace’s butt upskirt. At the flip of the switch, the villa lights went on and the aircon kick into action. Grace walked over to the living room sofa and collapse there.lying there like a dead body.
Shoo was behind grace and he walked forward to the sofa, slowly bending down, using both of his arms and army grace like baby. Obviously grace is kinda light, underweight with all the stuff she ate. Shoo carried grace to the bedroom, placed her gently on the bed. Both of them know what will happen next. Shoo unbuckle his belt and untuck his shirt. Gesturing grace to move further up the bed and opening her legs, revealing the partial wet pussy with the silver bullet still inside with its cord hang out.

Shoo lean down on the bed and with his head, he starting licking violently and aggressively until grace started to pull shoo’s hair. With his hand in side the pocket, he turn on the vibrator to the highest mode where a normal buzzing sound can be heard.

Grace started to moan loudly and resist around. Yelping and gasping for air while he legs try to clamp together but shoo is holding both of it, at the widen angle. The tend up muscle can be seen on grace’s legs and grace really getting horny until her face turn red flushed. With all the alcohol and horny still roaming inside her, he shouted at shoo.

Shoo: “fine, turn over”

Shoo slowly removed the silver bullet from grace’s pussy, revealing a significant bits of cum on the vibrator and place it into grace’s mouth, letting her have a taste of her cum once again. With a swosh and turn, shoo flipped grace’s body like a light doll into a doggy style position. Lifting up the tube dress, shoo undress his pants and boxers, revealing his hard thick dick.

Shoo: “now I fuck you”
Grace: “pls.. just fuck me.”

Without any lubricant, shoo position the tips of the dick head towards Grace cold wet pussy and started pushing inside her. Grace scream with pain and agony.

Grace: “FUCK!! You really fucking big”
Grace: “arghhh arr arr arr “
Shoo: “perfect size for your chee bye”

Grace started to bite her lips in agony, hands were both gripped tightly on the bedsheets while her body arch back, slowly letting shoo fuck her in doggy style. Within moments, shoo fucked deep inside grace’s pussy until his dick literally disappeared into grace’s pussy.

Grace: “purrrr purr arrr” (Grace reaction to shoo’s deep penetration)
Shoo: “hey you feel it? My dick is deep deep inside you” (Bending forward tell grace)

With the dick deep inside grace, he started to fuck grace, bouncing off whenever shoo fuck grace.

Paik piak piak piak piak piak

All can grace do was to bear with the big dick fucking her petite pussy. All she can do is to moan or scream her heart out, knowing that nobody else in the villa premise will be bother to know what’s happening on the bed.

After a while of intensive doggy style fucking grace’s pussy. Shoo’s dick was simulating grace’s G-Spot wile fucking her in doggy style. At any moment notice, grace came out with a long tight orgasm. Her body clenched up, putting grace into trance with her body shaking around on the bed. Grace’s pussy literally contracted, gripping shoo’s dick so tight that he cannot fuck any deeper. Knowing that grace was having a orgasm, shoo used his strength to resist grace’s  dick clamping orgams and just gave grace a hard fuck.

Grace: “FUCK!!!!!! That’s fucking fuck fuck fucking good”
Grace: “ fuck you dear, you wanna fuck me right. Fuck me now. Just fuck me. I don’t care. You fucking bastard. Bully me ever since day 1. Just fuck me. CCB” (grace shouted at shoo)

Shoo knowing that grace really went crazy with all the fucking. Shoo slowly remove his dick from grace’s swollen pussy. Small amount of grace’s white cum ooz out of the pussy, dripping onto the bedsheets. Suddenly, grace got up from the doggy style position and push shoo onto the bed, climbing on him, pinning him down.

Grace: “you wanna play with me right? You wanna try me right? Now I fuck you bastard”

Still pining onto shoo. grace unbutton shoo top. Revealing his pecs and grace stood up. Standing on the bed looking down to shoo. She curve her arm backwards and pull down the tube dress zip. Dropping the dress in the process, revealing her full naked body in front of shoo. With a quick move, she revert to pining shoo down by using her legs. Aiming and positioning her pussy at his erected dick. She sat directly onto shoo dick. Dick felt the tightness and the poking effect. Grace face grimaced with pain and friction she felt from her pussy but she didn’t care about it because she wanted to unlease her revenge on shoo.

IN the cowgirl position, she started riding shoo while he was remained pinn down by grace’s body weight. To further distract shoo from resisting, grace bend down and let shoo suck on her solid hard nipple.. shoo just took the nipple like a baby, sucking and nipping it like a baby why licking the boobs around after a while of cowgirl fucking, grace change her position to reverse cowgirl, putting more agony and stress onto shoo’s dick as his dick fully simulated by grace’s pussy.

Shoo: “you are a great rider”
Grace: “ Shut up and enjoy the ride”
Shoo: “dear, I am going to cum.”
Grace: “heh so fast?”

Knowingly shoo is going to cum, grace started to ride faster and use her pussy muscle control to further stress out shoo’s dick. A few moment later, looking at shoo reaction. Grace purposely stop her fucking and remain seated on shoo’s lap. Letting the dick fucked deep inside grace pussy. Shoo started to convulse and cum. With the pressure from his balls to his dick, he couldn’t control the orgasm and start to fuck grace upwards with all the enrgy in his abs.

(pewwwwwwwwww ahhhhhhhh pewwwwwwwwwwwwww)

Shoo’s dick release a torrent of hot cum upwards into grace’s womb while grace sat on his dick, smiling away while she felt the hot cum inside his womb, filling her up. Shoo immediately collapse back on the bed and take in deep breaths. After a few seconds, to check whether is shoo still alive, grace started to ride shoo again.

Slowly, she start to lift and down, resuming the riding motion. Shoo woke up from his brief knock out and look at grace who is sitting directly on his lap. Using his 2 hands holding on to grace’s waist. He push down the body, forcing shoo’s dick to drill deeper inside grace.
Grace gave out a moan and she flunk forward, her hair is lingering on shoos face when she move forward to kiss shoo.

Both of them kiss passionately on the bed while there are connected together with shoo’s dick inside grace’s vaginal. As time goes by, shoo regain his energy, hugging and cuddling with grace. He decided to have a shower and rest for the night.

Shoo: ”hey, come off, we go bath?”
Grace: “hmmm, later your cum leak out how?”
Shoo: “I came a lot?”
Grace: “not sure but now I feel very full inside hehehe”
Shoo: “okay, you roll over then I slowly come out”
Grace: “okay”

As grace and shoo rolled over on the bed side, shoo slowly move away from grace, removing his dick that was hidden inside grace’s vaginal. As his was removed from grace’s pussy, he stood down along the bed side, admiring the swollen wet petite abalone pussy with the flaps spread open side by side.

Looking at the lovehole, there is a little traces of white cum at the entrance of the hole. Using his middle finger, he slowly inserted into grace’s pussy and to probe around the cum filled pussy. Meanwhile, grace lifted up to a sitting position on the bed side, looking down on shoo curiously exploring and probing his pussy. She giggled as how ticklish does it feel when shoo probe around.

Shoo: “ehh no cum overflow?”
Grace: “mmm I think all deep inside”
Shoo: “wow, you can store cum inside your pussy?”
Grace: “why not, you want to withdraw?”

Without notice, grace, using her pussy muscle, she contracted his muscle to squeeze his pussy. With shoo’s finger still inside her pussy. Shoo felt the pussy being squeeze upon his middle finger. Slowly, he began to wriggle his finger inside to fight back the squeeze pussy. Grace started to shiver and figet around. Shoo decided to stop teasing the overworked pussy and removed his finger from the pussy.

With all the pressure from the contracted muscle controlled pussy, white cum began to appear at the tip of the vaginal lovehole. Slowly, the cum started to flow along the side of the vaginal.

Grace: “nahh withdrawal done”
Shoo: “WTF damn nice”
 Grace, using her finger. She spread the overflowing cum around his pussy and started to lick his hands.

Grace: “damn nice”
Shoo: “come dear, lets go to shower. Outdoor or indoor?”
Grace: “outdoor !!!”
Shoo: “okokok!”

Both of them head towards to the outdoor shower. It is already night time and they had their shower under the stars with nature surrounding them. Taking their time to embrace every moment being together on this trip. Both of them dried each other, tapping their bodies around and wore their bath robes as they walk thru the living room to the bedroom to get dressed.

Grace: “what should I wear for tonight?”
Shoo: “normal la, the dress you wear to sleep?”
Grace: “ok!  Dear, choose which panties should I wear?”
Shoo: “hmm the blue one la, chin chye la. Silly girl” Referring to the blue Victoria Secret lace panties
Grace: “hahahahaha I like your opinion”
Shoo: “Silly girl LOL!”

They both went to the kitchen to grab some snacks, took out the box of ice cream and went to the dimly lit outdoor pavilion where they had their massage there that afternoon. Siting there overlooking the darken beach with nobody in sight, looking up the sky with stars reflecting on their eyes. Munching off local keropok while grace reading off her iphone whatsapp messages. She helped herself to the box of ice cream. Chilling together with shoo under the small pavilion with shoo.

They both had brief conversation about life, future, family. They really enjoyed the moment being together. A while later, shoo lied down on his back with his hand crossed behind his head while he look up the sky. Meanwhile, grace lied down too beside shoo. Cuddling closely.

Shoo: “the sky damn beautiful. Tsk tsk tsk”
Grace: “yea dear, thanks for the holiday”
Shoo: “silly girl, don’t say thanks.”
Grace: “I don’t care dear, I need to thank you”
Shoo: “aiya nvm one la..”
Grace: “dear, stay in this position and don’t ever move. Not even peeping. You can only look up the sky”
Shoo: “haizz oh ok “

Grace was being kinky again and she decided to give an outdoor night blowjob to thank shoo for everything on this trip. Pushing and moving the snacks and drinks aside to make space for the surprise. She stood up and remove her blue lace panties, placing it spread out onto shoo face.
Shoo began to smile as he got teased by grace. Moving his hands, he grab the blue panties away and put it beside him.

Grace sat back down beside shoo and started to prepare herself for shoo’s surprise. With shoo looking up to the sky, he did try to look at grace and forward at what she is trying to do. But if he does so, he will move, alerting grace. So he decided to just let that kinky naughty petite girl do what she wants.
Feeling a slight thud, shoo felt his boxers being removed, exposing his flaccid dick to nature. The next moment, he gonna experience the best blowjob he ever experienced.

Grace started to go down on shoo. Using her tougue to lick the 2 balls dangling beneath the still flaccid dick. She sucks gracefully, ending every suck with a “poke”. Every tease, every lick on the dick and motion, the flaccid dick started to get erected.

Grace: “you like it?”
Shoo: “nice. So this is the way how you thank me for this holiday?”
Grace: “yep hehee”
Grace: “don’t move or look or peep. Don’t spoil the fun”
Shoo: “ok”

Shoo closed his eye while grace continue to give shoo the surprise blowjob. With the dick erected up like a rocket about to launch, grace took it all in one shot. Using her mouth, she just suck the entire length of the dick in one go with the tip of the dick touching her throat. She sat down and bend forward, blowing and caressing the balls as the same time. Ending every suck with a pop, dripping saliva all around the dick like how it was done in porn shows. Aggressively blowing shoo’s dick to reach orgasm, grace start to hum while blowing shoo’s dick.

After blowing and aggressive jerking shoo;s dick off, shoo started to figet around.

Shoo: “ehh cumming soon”
Grace: “ok dear”

Grace silently positioned herself face shoo’s dick, getting ready to get cumshot by shoo. Let then a few minutes, shoo finally released his shot. Shooting off to the direction where he doesn’t know.

Grace was controlling shoo’s dick. With the shoo shooting hot cum onto her face. the cum splattered on her fair Asian facial skin, bit of cum shot and landed on her fringe which she doesn’t matter. Using her finger, she spread the cum around her face like how normally people spread butter on bread. Within moments, grace spread her entire face with shoo’s cum.

Looking at the twitching dick, bits of cum still ozzing out of the tip. Grace took the remaining into her mouth. Sucking the dick off deeply and ending with a “POP” sound. Her tougue played with the bits of cum in her mouth while she decide to wake shoo up.

Tapping on shoo’s hand

Grace: “dear… see?”
Shoo: “hmmm?” Getting up from his short nap
Grace: “your cum on my face. hehehe”
Shoo: “wow, so you make me cum on your face?”
Grace: “yea.. natural protein”
Shoo: “silly girl” getting up and sitting on the beach looking out to the dark night beach
Grace: “hey, still got something to show you”
Shoo: “what?”
Grace: “I love you shoo.” “Glups” she swallow the cum down.
Shoo: “love you dear”

Leaning on shoo what having small conversation. Shoo arm happened to touched grace clit, discovering that she is wet.

Grace: “what you doing ? don’t poke arr. I am already very tired”
Shoo: “no la, my hand here then I touch and feel wet.
Grace: “I got wet while blowing you”

Meanwhile, shoo using his pointing finger and ring finger to spread the flaps out while grace is in a sitting position. Using his middle finger, he make a swoop motion on the clit as well as the flaps. Arousing grace.

Grace: “stop it.”
Shoo: “okay”

Shoo decided to lick his middle finger since it is coated with grace pussy juice. Grace, knowing that shoo middle finger was coated with her juice. She quickly yank away and grab the arm and start licking the middle finger.
Grace: “fuck off, its my juice. Hehehehehe. I win”
Shoo: shaking his head “okay”
Shoo: “come dear, I carry you to bed”
Grace: “carry me to the toilet I need to wash up”
Shoo: “ok”

Grace spread both of her arms wide, shoo carried grace from the garden pavilion to the outdoor toilet.

In the outdoor toilet, grace and shoo started to wash up for bed. Since shoo is fast, she sat behind the washing area looking at the back of grace while she continue to remove bits of dried cum on her face.

Using her hand, shoo went under grace oversize shirt and lift it up. Exposing her small perky butt.
With his big hand, he grab her butt and gave it a good squeeze and end it with a smack.

Grace: “molesting my butt is it” looking at shoo through the reflection of the basin mirror.
Shoo: “yes, molesting you”
Shoo: “Not wearing panties to sleep?”
Grace: “nahh never mind la, very tired le”

Both of them walked toward their bed, leaving the villa doors open. As both of them lie in bed together cuddling. They both exchange kisses and slowly drift off to their dream fantasy.